No matter what business you are in, having a business website and online presence will improve your business in many areas you may not imagine. You don’t want to miss the opportunity here. Read on to find out more.


A list of relatively low-cost high-value service you can offer on the website.

  • Provide instant communication to customers and visitors any time of the day with facts and standard corporate information.
  • Customers service portal that helps to answer common queries by providing FAQ, and collecting other questions to answer later in batch (possible to add to FAQ).
  • Have your product catalog readily available for potential customers to browse through with their freedom.
  • Present your value proposition to potential clients and showcase your capabilities without physically there.
  • As a feedback channel for anyone to reach you anytime from anywhere.
  • People can go to your always open website from any location. Therefore, it is an excellent way to distribute anything digital.


You can also expect productivity gain in many ways as well.

  • Anything you put up on the business website will be 24/7, which means you can have it serving your customer without employing extra people.
  • The content published on your business website help to save in printing and distribution cost at the very least.
  • Any business activity that you can let the website handle is potentially giving you a productivity boost without deploying extra labor.
  • With some well-planned business processes and smart automation tools, a business website can offload your work and scale your business in ways you can never imagine.


All these sound great, but how do you make it happen?

You are not the only one skeptical here. How can it be so easy, otherwise anyone who has a website could solve their problem instantly.

You are right, and it is not hard to notice that many small businesses never unleash the potential benefits of their sites. So, the problem is because many people consider website as a short-term work and failed to incorporate strategic planning for growth.

The mass of web design industry is also not helping by behaving like a housing contractor that focuses on the look and common practices. As a result, you get a billboard style website — something that is perfect for a start but soon loses its purpose over time.

As a small business, you want a website that can stretch its value by providing some degree of reusability in term of customization and content update. Start thinking of your website as a “living” content that can complement your business, have that requirement on your next website project.


Why not just make use of social media services that are free anyway?

Having your business website is different from social media services such as a Facebook page or Instagram. Your website is like your home where you have unlimited freedom to do the business your way. Whereas, at social media site you have to abide by the rules and are subject to constant change of policy. You are playing someone else game.

When it first started, social media provides a great source of audience. As time passed, it gets crowded, and everyone is fighting for limited attention. It will be a matter of time that you will need to pay for your post to have a predictable chance of appearing in front of the audience. Most of the time, your post will be buried in the feed and may never see the light.

Many successful companies do not depend on popular social media platforms alone as their online presence solution. Social media platforms are constantly changing and risky as a long-term solution. Having a business website now is the insurance for the future where you can start to redirect followers to your business website. Over there you can offer a richer customer experience and nurture better relationships.



When plan and execute properly, your business website will be one of your best investments. It allows you to do more with less. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one-time investment if you take the incremental growth model.

As the world is moving towards the digital economy, businesses that embrace suitable technologies will benefit as productivities improve. Small businesses stand to gain because they are nimble enough to adopt changes, but those that lag behind will find themselves losing competitive edge and face elimination.

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