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WebWork Site Building


Fixed pricing WordPress website design and development service for businesses. Builds a scalable website within your budget that cost less to upgrade in the future.

We know the frustration that most people face around getting the “right” website copies. That is why we had unlimited changes during service period to make things easier.

You will enjoy unlimited website design service during the service period. The number of pages will depend on your plan. You can also extend the service period with WebCare Business Support.

It is a hassle-free way to build websites without having to worry about the number of changes.

Type of Design Pages

Based on the plan you pick, you may choose to create one or more of the following type of pages.

Standard Page

Standard pages are common designs that appear in almost all websites. They are usually content related to a company and information it wants to publish.


Content Pages

  • Homepage
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Our Work
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Condition
  • Career / Join Us
  • Our People / Management
  • Any static content pages


  • Contact Form

Premium Page

Sometimes, websites need a more focused content for marketing or sales conversion. This calls for special item such as landing page. Such content will take longer to create because of requirements for marketing objectives.


Landing Pages (Special purpose page)

  • Product
  • Service
  • Promotional
  • Event
  • Campaign
  • Project


  • Social Sharing
  • Custom Form
  • Email Opt-In

Advanced Page

Your company may need special features that are not available out-of-the-box. It may be for online ordering or product catalogue. The work usually requires extra business knowledge and development skill.



  • Online Store (includes up to 20 product setups)

Custom Post Type

  • User Registration
  • Directory Listing
  • Product Catalogue
  • More… (please send us a message)

WebCare Business Support


A managed WordPress hosting service made exclusively for existing customers only. It offers faster, reliable and more secure options for the businesses that want worry-free hosting service.

Most self-hosting services will require owners to maintain their websites such as updates or configurations. WebCare Business Support allows you to focus on your business requirements by taking care of its maintenance and upgrades.

A business website is not a set-and-go thing; it needs to stay up to date to be relevant. WebCare Business Support helps you to achieve that effortlessly. It offers WordPress Site Support which gives unlimited modification and correction for existing content, and this decreases the cost of business that needs constant support by reducing additional fees.

With Web Consultation, you will not be lost in the confusing world of SEO, digital advertising, analytics and website marketing. You can rely on a good dose of professional advice to make marketing decision for your website confidently.

As a bonus, any unconsumed page quota under WebWork Site Building plan will be extended to match the support period.

Highly Recommend

Get WebCare Business Support along with WebWork Site Buiding to enjoy continuous support and extended service period to create new web pages.

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Business Hosting

The same reliable managed WordPress hosting that powers our WebCare Business Support.

Most suitable for any company that just want a hassle-free DIY WordPress site, with technical support on the hosting. Comes with advanced Web Builder plugin for WordPress to design almost any kind of web pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your hosting compared to other cheaper options?

Not all hosting services are created equally. We offer managed hosting that is specially designed for WordPress. It is optimized for running WordPress sites faster and provide security features on WordPress.

There are plenty of free themes for WordPress, why do I need yours?

We provide licensed commercial themes to design your websites. Currently, we offer the world’s leading Web Builder tools for all our website design. Free themes commonly lack supports and do not update as often as possible to fix any issue. The developers of free themes are not paid to do a good job, and some may include malicious codes that can slow or endanger your website.

Why do I have to pay if there are many free hosting services around?

It is always fine to use free services for personal and non-commercial purposes. When it comes to business, it is necessary to get a reliable service to support your business. Those free or low-end services lack the reliability and support to ensure smooth operation of your websites.

What will happen if I decide to move my hosting somewhere next time?

You are free to move your hosting somewhere as there is no contract. However, you will lose the privilege of the software updates and support we provide as part of the service you subscribed. The licenses that we provided on the hosting are non-transferable and you will only get to keep the latest version once you migrated out. We also regret that we are unable to refund any unused subscription that had been paid.

Is there a limit to my bandwidth or website storage quota?

We do not have bandwidth and storage limit. However, we would remind users to follow our fair usage policy . For most basic plan, if you need more than 3GB of website storage, please talk to us so we can review your needs.

I am not sure of the plan to get now, can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can start with the plan you most comfortable with and upgrade later by paying only the difference in fee. However, you can only upgrade to a higher plan.

I have a question that is not listed here.

Please send us a message.