Greenview was previously running 2 websites. One of them had outdated information and running a much older version of the WordPress software. We helped the company to consolidate both websites into this current one.

The result was a clean and modern website with a clear message. It also shed more than half of its previous clutter in redundant information.

The current site is easier to maintain and modify which is much efficient for its owner. Find out how you too can achieve this for your business.

There is a struggle to design the service page which is too content heavy. Most people will not have the patience to read those boring text. We faced a dilemma to show everything yet to make it short and simple.

For our solution, we aligned the service offering into photo gird and tucked those long messages into the expandable toggle boxes. The result is an organized layout, perfect for presenting a good business sense.

At a glance, everything is there. Yet, it’s not flooded with text and its available at a click. How sweet!

This site offers file downloads, which leads to another form to fill before proceeding.

We keep every related information a single page with definition and FAQ presented using expandable design element to give a tidy look.