The founder of Alive Brand Experience had a DIY website done on SquareSpace. However, that was not easy for someone whose’s focus was on running the business to maintain a decent business website.

Fortunately, the company had plenty of great original photos taken during their brand events. With these photos, we are able to create a rich and vibrant, yet minimalistic website to bring out their strength.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of web pages to expose and show off your company to the world. More importantly, busy is never an excuse to hold back your business website. Your customers may judge you on that too!

It is easy to find out from us how you can get things done even if your time doesn’t permit.

We collected all previous works into several portfolio pages. We think a large fullwidth photo can bring out the spirit of each event.

At the same time, we allow for flexibility with the design so that each can shine on its own.

This is a company that prefers direct customer engagement. So we don’t use any online forms but redirect all to the contact page. In essence, this website is like the company’s living e-brochure.