Our policy is written in a simple to understand manner. We try to make it as clear as possible so that everyone will enjoy working together.


  • We collect your particulars for sending service related information to existing users. We will never share or sell them to the third party.
  • Occasionally, we may send product updates and other offers which you can conveniently unsubscribe at any time.

Fair Usage

  • You may not upload unrelated files that are not intended for the purpose of website presentation.
  • We do not limit the size of data uploaded onto our servers. However, it will not be unlimited storage. We will advise the users whose account had been taking up more than twice the average storage size of other customers on similar plan to reduce the usage. If such measure is not possible, we may request the affected customer to upgrade.
  • As our valued customer, you will enjoy unlimited support and change request. Such services are offered as a privilege and not to be interpreted as an entitlement. You may not abuse the system by making any unreasonable request or incurring high usage pattern.
  • We will attend to one request per user each time only. Users with multiple demands may have to give priority to others who had been waiting.
  • While we strive to provide fast response, the user must accept that there may be longer waiting time beyond unspecified days due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we will provide a reasonable explanation when waiting time may be affected.


  • You may request a refund within seven working days upon payment if you are unsatisfied with our services due to any reason. Beyond that, we reserve the rights to refuse any refund without explanation.


  • Our practice requires that all payment be made before the start of any service term. That is because most of the services that we provide will require procurement of non-refundable resources in advance.


  • Users are forbidden to use our service for any illegal activity and those that may be in conflict with local laws.
  • The content may not contain any element of pornography or violence. Spreading of radical ideas or promoting any form of discrimination is prohibited.