Having a business website does not solve your problem if you missed the essential functions. In fact, it can be a great source of pain unless you know what you are going to learn here.

With just a little basic knowledge, you can avoid a lot of future problems and begin with a good foundation. Then you can turn your website into a business asset instead of another burden to take care.

Like any business asset, your business website needs to be built on a good foundation. There are suggestions here for you to make the right decision to get a great start.


Know your basic requirement.

The followings are the most important functions to consider because they affect the performance and keep websites relevant at all time.

Basic Security – For a start, all forms submission need to use encryption like SSL. It is even recommended to install features to prevent multiple failed login attempt. Installing SSL certificate and forcing SSL only connection for your website had become a necessity to avoid sensitive information from being hijacked.

Data Backup – There should be at least a regular backup of the valuable data to protect against data loss. Without proper backup, you are living on chance.

Loading Speed – The loading speed is important because most people browse on the move now, and a slight delay will mean the user may be leaving before the page loads – missed opportunity.

Mobile Responsive – More than 50% of users browse on mobile and increasing each day. So, it is critical that your website shows up well on mobile smartphones. The mobile first website has to be a priority.

High Availability – This is the server hosting that needs to be available at least 99% of the time in today’s web standard. A website that failed on visitor without warning can cost the business its reputation.

Software Update – Not only the technology is improving, but the hackers are also getting constant upgrades. A hacked website can bring tremendous loss to its owner. Therefore it is imperative that any website gets a regular update to its software to close up any security weakness.


Make your life easier.

Now you had the basic taken care, let’s take a further step to make it better. So, don’t forget to consider these features for your business website when making decisions.

Easy to Change – Nobody enjoys old contents, and people get bored pretty fast nowadays. You will want your site to keep up with the changes and make it easy for you to do so. Consider how often this can happen, you want to look for ways to push out the changes fast — free if possible. Of course, some complex changes still need time and money to accomplish.

Upgradable Features – Imagine that you can start your website fast with just the features needed then apply add-on later when you can justify the cost. The ability to upgrade, not redesign, your business website is an ideal model for small business to grow on demand.

Website Care – Having some form of support service to go along with your business website will let it run smoothly. Companies that try to operate without any professional support may end up paying a lot more when the problem occurs.


Something may not be right.

At last, with some of the negative website experiences you heard out there, you may wonder what else should you look out for to avoid disappointment.

Unlimited Storage – When you are promised unlimited storage, always look for any exception clause. Facebook and Google give unlimited photo storage if you allow them to study you. So, what is it for the provider?

Unbelievably Cheap – For business, it’s hard to be cheap yet good. Unfortunately, your business deserves something better and reliable. So if it’s too good to be true, shouldn’t you be careful?

Proprietary Design – You are not in business to demonstrate your unique website technology. So, having a proprietary system can mean you have very few options when it comes to business support. You may have confused this with originality.



Simply engaging web design service for your business website without considering the above factors is likely to end up with poor result and disappointment.

Small business website owners who had previously experienced setback can now proceed with confidence knowing that they are on the right track.

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