If you are looking for possible ways to build your business website, the following information will help you make a better decision.

What will be your choices? While there are many options, the cheapest may not always be the best if you also consider other factors.

Here, we are looking for a practical and sustainable method. You don’t want to start with a DIY method if you are not technically inclined or do not have the time to complete it.

These are the factors to consider:

  • COST – How much will it cost to build the website.
  • SKILL – The skillset required for anyone who needs to perform the work.
  • TIME – The time it will take to complete the work.
  • FUNCTION – How flexible is the method able to meet any requirement.

Bear in mind that TIME and SKILL are also required to maintain the website and solve problems that may arise.


DIY Website Project.

Creating your website can be exciting and challenging provided you have the technical skill. Not many people know everything about website building, so you got to be very resourceful.

You will do everything from designing your website to finding a place for hosting. So you will probably save some cost for your effort, but this will, in turn, takes up your time.

It is also up to you to add any functionality you wish though that is again limited by how much you know.

Doing this for your business is quite risky because you will be on your own if anything happens. Moreover, this can be a distraction to your actual business activity.

COST – Save some money for your hard work.
SKILL – Make sure you are up to the challenge.
TIME – May lose a few sleep now and then.
FUNCTION – It’s your call if you know how to get it.


Page Builder.

Some company like IM Creator allow users to create a website quickly. You can create good looking web pages using many templates with standard features.

Page builders are a low-cost solution that is fast to start and can be very attractive for people looking to start with a simple website.

COST – With a small fee, you are ready to go.
SKILL – Should not become a problem if you can use Office Word.
TIME – Worth the little extra time if you know what you want exactly.
FUNCTION – Don’t compare with others, keep to your own business.


Web Builder.

Services like Weebly, Wix, Squarespace or Shopify are popular options available. They were promoted as an easy solution for anyone without technical skill to build a website.

Web Builders are similar to Page Builders, but they usually have more features and cost more to use. Consider these as the more advanced version of website building tools.

In fact, some web design services are provided on top of these web builder tools where people will help you to create your website on these platforms.

Web Builders are usually hosted services as well; your site will be built and hosted by the same company. That also means there will be recurring fees, but the cost can start from a few dollars per month to higher based on features provided.

COST – Acceptable for a start, just don’t shop for extra.
SKILL – Fairly easy but need some learning to be great.
TIME – Get to the point and do not be distracted and you are good.
FUNCTION – If it’s listed there then you got it, so no exception.


Web Design Service.

Custom service that you can ask the designer or agency to create a website the way you want it. You need to differentiate this from web application development. Otherwise, you will end up with a cost that is more than what you are willing to pay.

There are many designers out there, and you will have to choose one to work for you. Then you will need to spend the time to explain your requirements and decide on features.

The things to keep in mind is not to overdo your website design. It is in the interest of the designers to offer you more, but that also means you will pay extra.

COST – Protect your budget well and justify your buy.
SKILL – It is the people you hire that you need pay attention.
TIME – After your initial discussion, you only need to wait and check your delivery well.
FUNCTION – You can get pretty much what you wish for, but have to be careful with empty promises. Tread carefully here.


Other Consideration.

Do note that if you plan to sell online, you may have to pay for the platform fee for every transaction unless you opt for a higher plan as in most cases. That is an important consideration as it will affect your profit margin.

In this case, you may consider other self-hosted E-Commerce platforms such as WordPress with WooCommerce that you don’t have to pay the platform fee.

It is also important to know how are you going to get help in future. You want to avoid being ransomed into paying for excessive support fee.

All website has to be hosted somewhere. If you need to choose a place to host your business website, then it is important to consider some requirements such as backup, security and auto updates. There is another article here that discuss this topic in more detail.



There is no one size fits all answer here. Just choose one that fits your current need, budget and time available. It is perfectly reasonable to change your mind later and switch to other options as situation changes.

An important message here is that your business website is always work in progress, it has to grow with whatever you are doing. Do not fall for the belief that you can buy into a good website solution from the start.

Unlike big corporation with large funds, small businesses have to invest in their website over time in prudent yet efficient manner. Some trial and error may be inevitable, but this is manageable if you invest well over time.

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