About Us

While there are plenty of relatively low-cost DIY website builders around, there will be people who are too busy to do that themselves. So, we do the research and deep thinking to bring the convenience to you.

We believe there is a considerable benefit in using the right technology tools to lower web development cost. Therefore, we focus on the most cost-effective way that works to deliver better value to the customers. As a result, we reduce the time and yet offer quality services to people.

Our mission is to give people and companies a fast start by eliminating technical difficulties that hold them back. In doing so, we hope to encourage, inspire and motivate people to enjoy working and growing their businesses.

We hope to help companies in the following ways:
– Build sustainable and robust web presence through one-stop website development, maintenance and hosting service.
– Provide strategic software development for minimal product launch and proof of concept to achieve a low-risk high reward outcome.
– Identify critical business processes and eliminate inefficiencies for companies to implement further work automation.
– As a technology partner to any company that requires IT and software consultancy to inject on-demand expertise into the company.

We operate from the sunny island of Singapore, which is a highly advanced and accessible country. That allows us to serve businesses from around the world with better infrastructure.


Our Solution

We are not in business to impress people with technology, which are ubiquitous anyway. We want to solve problems in the most effective way possible. At the same time, our methods have to be repeatable and independent of any single entity to avoid lock-in.


Data Portability

Your data should be yours. We are honored that you trust us to handle your data. In return, we want to help by allowing you to take your data away, even if you are leaving to work with someone else.